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QuickSolve Technologies has emerged as one of the most trusted names in the field of mobile and web software development. With an exceptionally talented and passionate team of developers, we develop software that are rich in features. From entrepreneurs to enterprises, we serve industry-standard solutions that are scalable and profit making. Utilizing technologies ranging from Core PHP, Microsoft .Net, SharePoint, and JAVA to Joomla, Drupal, Magento and WordPress, we cater our clients with custom software development services for different industry verticals.

Project Excecution At QuickSolve Technologies

Our Working models are customized for End Clients, Independent Software Vendors, and Software Product Company & web development companies to start and build an outsourcing partnership. Following are the steps we follow at QuickSolve Technologies once a client has decided to execute their project(s) with QuickSolve Technologies. Some of the steps many be deployed before the confirmation of the project.

Design Phase

This is our very first step in the process of application development. We follow a highly collaborative design process that allows clients to have full authority over each and every measure that is taken. This is how the step-by-step execution of the process takes place:

  • The process kicks off with the interaction between the design team and the client where our team learns about the project in details and takes each and every single design element into consideration.
  • In the next step, our designers take up the plotting of the functionality map, and this allows a better overview of the entire structure. The plotting is followed by wire-framing that shows the clients the actual ways of using the interface
  • In the final step, we work on the visual designs and prototypes that showcase the user interface in its pixel-perfect splendor
  • The design phase finally ends with the production of compelling interfaces with killer graphical designs that make the clients fall in love with the interfaces at the very first sight

System Design (Application Architecture)

The design phase is followed by the system design process (also known as application architecture) in which, the system architecture is prepared for the overall development process. After the prototyping is done, the solution architects of our company pay attention to every minute detail of the system architecture that includes:

  • Architecture of database enclosing tables, fields and relationships
  • Specification of web services and security layers
  • Documentation of business logic for non-obvious logic and business flow

After all the formalization is done, the Business Rule and Test Plan are created. These plans cover all the features of the application. However, the programming starts only after the clients validate the Business Rule and System Plan documents.


After the completion of the prototyping and architecture design phases, comes the vital phase of mobile application development process, and that is the development phase. This is the phase in which all the modules are programmed. The programming takes place as per the schedule, in multiple phases. Unlike the prototyping stage, where static data is used for the functionality, in the development phase, we create web-services that are, generally, an interface between the backend and the apps. These services are created for feeding data into the apps. Our development phase encompasses the following steps:

  • In this phase, certain attributes like the data variables, coding procedures and entities are established that are used during project development.
  • We carry out the development of the backend and the frontend in a parallel way.
  • Till the completion of development of backend section, the task of data entry is done manually. There are some records in the DB that are meant for testing. As soon as the development of the backend section is over, the data entry is done by using this section.
  • On the other hand, the task of application development goes on normally. Once the development of all the modules is completed, they are integrated as final system, which is later followed by debugging and testing process.


Quicksolve Technologies follows standard coding and development practices as per the recommendations of the different platforms like Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Android. Besides this, we have our own standards that help us to impart a ‘common look and feel’ to the code, no matter how many people have worked on it. This also improves the comprehension of the application and ensures that the basic documentation is always present. The coding standard also enhances the maintenance of the applications by improving the identicalness of the code.

Module Testing

The unit testing is carried out by the developers to test each function after it is developed. The testing is monitored by the technical leads who ensure that the code actually works and shows concrete progress. It also saves the time and efforts of functional testing.

Quality Assurance

In this level, applications are thoroughly checked for quality assurance according to the protocol. The code and whole program undergoes vigorous testing through latest debugging tools. The experts thoroughly check for a foolproof program before deploying it onto the system. At first, every phase and set of code is checked and once done, we check the codes as a whole program. We precisely check the requirements and features asked by the clients. With the help of these dynamic tools, we identify and address any performance issues that might crop up. The web applications are thoroughly tested on different browsers and systems. In order to have a real-world experience, we even check the performance of the applications with Wi-Fi connections and other carriers’ networks.

Go Live

We set up the configuration settings on the server as per the requirements of the applications and put them on live. Prior to this step, we do a full and final test of the application to check its performance and stabilization. If any issue crops up during this phase, it is immediately addressed and the QA testing of the whole system is done again and the system’s integrity is kept under supervision.


The full and final phase of the entire web application development methodology is the deployment of the app. In this final stage, we carry out the app installation, integration of the whole system and upload the files to make them live.

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