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There has been a dramatic shift in the browsing habits on the internet. The habits have taken huge leaps from an old fashioned desktop to trendy smart devices. By 2015, mobile websites will be largely preferred over computer websites. This transformation has already begun as clients demand responsive designs that support multiple screens The screen resolution is an essential factor in web designing. The webpage is exclusively built for desktops, but it may lose its alignment and elements when accessed through a mobile device. Thus, it becomes imperative to embrace a responsive web design. Responsive web designs refer to a webpage that can adjust itself with its elements as per the screen size. Irrespective of the screen size and display parameter, the look and feel across multiple devices remains consistent.

Responsive designing requires a unique blend of technical skills and experience. Our responsive web designers consider the mobile ecosystem first while developing adaptive designs. With more than 50 proficient web & graphic designers, our team comprises of innovative coders in HTML5, XML, CSS3. We focus on progressive enhancement that enables the webpage to evaluate the capacity of the device and load the elements accordingly. If the visitor browses the webpage through a bigger device, like a desktop computer, the website would load all the features. On the other hand, if the website is accessed using a mid-sized or smaller device like iPhone or Windows Phone, the website will only display the important content and core elements (Refer to the figure above).

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Highlights of Our Responsive Website Designs

We create the website that fits in every size of the display screen without messing up the core elements. We have a robust methodology to test the website on different devices. Below mentioned are few features of our responsive website design that make us different.

  • We don’t simply boil-down the desktop site into the mobile website. We study the elements and understand the business objectives first
  • We have in-house teams of web designers, graphic designers, 3D graphic designers, and multi-media experts that make a total over 200
  • For smartphones, we keep the rule of ‘one eye, one thumb’ in consideration before developing responsive websites
  • Our designers are up-to-date with the latest programming in web designing such as Responsive Java Script calls and the like
  • We differentiate layers over complexities and develop adaptive websites accordingly
  • Smaller screens require simple yet convincing designs, we provide it
  • We keep a layout and navigation pattern in mind
  • We develop from scratch and also help refitting existing websites
  • Our digital strategy changes as per the requirement